Los Angeles: The Abduction

by The Spider Accomplice

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released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


The Spider Accomplice Los Angeles, California

From the east, they came!

VK came from Philadelphia for a fresh start.
Justin came from Michigan for the scenic vistas.
Arno came from Finland for the chicken wings.

They found all of these things in California, plus a band. Their radically different life experiences blended with their remarkably similar musical roots to create a soundscape called The Spider Accomplice.
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Track Name: Bromelaid

Testing limits in the void
Fighting laws of gravity
Finding rhythm in the choice
Creating what you want to be.

All along the wind was waiting
There's no need to suffocate

Spread your leaves
Take the sunshine
Photosynthesize your fate

Chain of reaction, retractions, craving satisfaction
All of the chemicals that bind
Drained by the notion, emotion, unreturned devotion
All of the dreams you left behind.

Every risk was worth the taking
Breathe it in it's not too late.


When storms of sorrow drown your spirit
And you're sinking low, sinking low
There's a chance if you can feel it
Drink it slow, drink it slow
Track Name: Messy Vampire
Messy Vampire

The rug is stained; the door is smeared
With what you drained, with what you feared
You can't stop the hunting bite
I know when we go out tonight
The streets will pulse with living prey
It's not your fault they want to stay
We get them home and watch them die
There's no excuse; we never lied

Pre-chorus: No forgiving for the life we're living

My heart attack's a messy vampire
Spill the blood; spill the blood
Your red remains fuel my desire
Lick it up; lick it up

The evil-do of every man
Is born not once, but yet again
In demon forms created when
We act our hearts' forbidden sins
How they're conceived in purest hearts
From growing rage, restraint departs
Caution tossed into the air
It's love and war, and all is fair.


Middle parts:

You and me

Bloodlust forever
Condemned together
Our tainted tether

New tricks, new pretending
Old flames, neverending
In ashes, we just let them burn
Hell's fury, we carry
There is no return.

Track Name: Behold The Day
Behold the Day

Verse 1:
Pick this paint, another piece is
Falling to the ground
The black below
Begins to grow
Cloth that covers, faded tinctures
Make of me a patchwork creature
Clay- won’t wash away.

Let the fire take these bones
Rain wash the ashes away
Burn bright against the devil’s night
Flames making everything all right.

Verse 2:
Gathered gasoline in stages
Pouring while the battle rages on
I sing the song
People passing, shed a tear
Shake their heads, they fear to stand too close
They smell the smoke



Morning comes, the air is clear now
Breathe it in, the clouds melted away
Behold the day.
Track Name: You Still Lie
You Still Lie

Sunny days, blue skies
Endless hours flew by
Moonlit memories made us smile
We stopped time for a while

Worked ourselves into each other's veins
Walked around inside each other's brains

C: But you still lie to me
As if I can't see
And you still lie to me
I guess that's how it has to be.

Mourning doves, dreary eyes
Marble fountains run dry
Moonlit memories make me smile
We stopped time for awhile

Worked ourselves into each other's veins
Walked around inside each other's brains


I should shake the salt and shut the door
Forget the truth I knew before
Let all the mystery fade away
Release the hope that we'll be all right someday

C: 2X
Track Name: Going Over
Going Over

Dawn of victory
Sunrise smiles
We made it through the night
All the world can see
We're strong enough; we rise
We made it through the fight,
Yet when darkness falls

Chorus: Like the Queen with bloody hands,
I walk the night again
Going over
All the ways my murder killed
Crime and time against my will
Going over

The ruler's not to blame
His path was plotted
Did what he had to do
Though he bears no stain
Yet brokenhearted
Did what we had to do
Yet when darkness falls


Our spirits change
We'll never be the same
These fragile strands
Wrapped around my plans
Track Name: Hollywood Hotel
Hollywood Hotel

Death lights and deathly shades of pale
The hallway to this piece of hell
The chambermaid with shifty eyes
Keeps comforts in a short supply

Come check in day or night
But keep your door closed tight

They'll never tear it down
This piece of history
It won't let you down
This place of history
They come from far and wide
With souls to sell
There's always vacancy
At the Hollywood Hotel

This hideout on the second floor
It's just what they were looking for
An entrance hidden from the street
Keeps their activities discreet

Come check in day or night
But keep your door closed tight


Lip service, lipstick plans
Earth held in shaking hands
Bleached towels won't wipe away
Urban decay.

Have a drink while the band plays at the hotel bar.